Friday, 3 January 2014

What's another year......

I didn't post much in the second half of last year simply because I didn't see much. In fact, I only added one species in the last four months of the year!
I gave it socks in the last two days and managed to see 68 species which I am quite happy about. Already I have seen Grey Wagtail and Shoveler, neither of which I saw last year. The Shoveler was floating about at sea with a big flock of Common Scoter which was quite bizarre.
Thankfully the Snow Buntings are still around as is the Ruff that has been around for while and the Long-tailed Ducks. I also had two Chiffchaffs yesterday.
Nothing else of note but a nice start, despite the howling gales today and the fact that I could not get to the beach as the road was flooded. That is the first time I have ever seen this.

P.S. I found a Woodcock's wing. Do I get half a point ????

68 species, 77 points, 52%.


  1. Hi Eamonn...if that woodcock wing was at the top of the hill at ben head then I don't think you can have the half I threw one there! found the bird in a housing estate in stamullen 3 weeks ago, on a green...probably killed by a cat I thought...anyway couldent resist tearing off a wing to admire each time I opened the van to get tools out or put back, as you do like...just thought you might like to know the story behind the wing...if its the wing in question. Best of luck on the patch this year, shane f

  2. Indeed I did find it there. I'm surprised you didn't get it stuffed and stuck it on your dashboard. Then you could admire it all the time.
    I'm glad you told me as I was thinking there may be a population there that may be worth spending a few evenings looking for.
    Cheers, Eamonn