Saturday, 9 January 2016

2013 & 2014 Ireland Minileague results

While we eagerly await the final scores and winners to be announced from the #PWC2015 Ireland Minileague, let us have a quick look back on how things panned out during the first two years of Patchwork Challenge.

Back in 2013, those of us wishing to compete in the comparative minileague were asked to work out a comparative score for our patches for 2012 to compete against. PWC seemed to spur on a renewed sense of drive, focus and extra effort for many patch birders during Year 1 and as such, leading comparative scores were often way ahead of 100%. 

The clear winner in 2013 with both a mega comparative score of 145% and leading points total of 343 was Owen Foley who patched from the mighty Ballycotton in Co. Cork. Most of the rest of us taking part in the comparative minileague did well, scoring over 100% also and for those fresh in that year, impressive totals were notched up on the points table.

The stage was set for #PWC2014.

With a high standard set in 2013, comparative scores were always going to be tough to beat in 2014 yet nearly half of the comparative league contestants reached their target of 100% or more. Lots of effort, luck and determination! 

The winner was Michael O'Donnell who scored an impressive 110% at his North Wexford patch of Kilmichael/Kilpatrick/Kilgorman yet Dave Suddaby was just a bird or two behind in second place at Blacksod, Co. Mayo with 109%. 

Dave topped the points minileague from his rarity-laden patch, a table ranking with which he has since become very familiar with. 

The results from the 2015 Ireland Minileague will be posted next week on the main Patchwork Challenge blog. Stay tuned!...

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