Sunday, 31 March 2013


So just how high would a Shellduck fly if a Shellduck could fly high? While not quite obsessing about it, it's a thought that crossed my mind recently. I know there are Shellduck in the North Channel two miles south of
me, unfortunately there's a line of hills obstructing my view. But, Shellduck will fly quite high in display flight
at this time of year which prompts the original question - high enough for me? . Unfortunately despite scanning the area a few times recently it would appear not. I did get a couple of Herring Gulls which was handy and a small group of Golden Plover flew over in a snow shower but they would have been expected
ticks over the next couple of months anyway.
        The bitterly cold winds are undoubtedly holding things up, I would have expected to see Sand Martins around the 20th of March most years  but so far no sign. One pleasant surprise was this male Wheatear which seemed to appreciate the freshly ploughed ground he found as the furrows gave some protection from
the elements. They're just about annual here but nice to get it out of the way in Spring.


So after three months not yet counting Sibe Chiffchaff I'm on 58 species and 68 points, and I'm starting 
to wonder where have all the Kingfishers gone.

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