Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brass Monkeys

Like an idiot I went out to my patch today. I would like to offer a small but crucial piece of advice. Don't leave your wellies in the car. I usually do and when I put them on today I nearly lost a couple of toes due to the frozen wellies !!
Over recent days I have added Redwing and Fieldfare and while looking for these I had a blip view of a possible Brambling and this is the reason I went out in such inclement weather today. I relocated the Finch/Thrush flock but in the gales everything was very flighty so it wasn't possible to properly look through the flock. A flyby Merlin was the best I could manage before the frostbite set in.....and then it started raining !
Home is where the hearth is.
75 species. 85 points.

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