Monday, 22 April 2013

A Nice Suprise

Well, the Terns are well and truly all in with good numbers of all species up and down my patch, with the exception of Roseate which I would expect to get at some point due to my patch's proximity to Rockabill. Yesterday I had a nice small flock of Sandwich, Little, Arctic and Common Terns and at least one bird of each species was ringed. Somebody has been busy !
I had a little moment of frustration when I heard a Goose 'honk' overhead and looked up just in time to see a large Goose fly straight into the sun. I strongly suspect it was a Greylag Goose but..........!
A hour looking out to sea this morning from Laytown produced nothing new but it is nice to see the Great Northern and Red-throated Divers coming into summer plumage.
In the afternoon I got a call from Paul Kelly to say he had found 2 Avocets at Gormonston, which is outside my patch, and that they had just flown towards Ben Head, which is in my patch !!! I went straight to Laytown beach lower and Paul and Mark Stewart arrived a few minutes later. Paul picked up the Avocets out at sea wayyy north of where we were but thankfully heading our direction. They did land and we got to watch them for a while, albeit at a distance. Where were they ???? On the very beach I spent an hour looking from this morning !!!!!
I'm not complaining, really.

107 species, 132 points.

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