Monday, 8 April 2013

Made an early visit to Kilmore this morning for a spot of Sea-watching , quiet enough around the harbour , plenty of gulls about but nothing major. moved on down the shingle beach where i spotted a female or juvie Black redstart amongst the Ripits and Wagtails (3rd bird i've had on patch this year ).
Headed out to St Patricks Bridge where first to greet me were a few Black guilles (91) sheltering among the rocks , plent of Gannet and Guillemot  moving about , and out twords the Saltees my first Razerbill (92) and Puffins (93) of the year. The usual Kestrel made an appearance then searching among the rocks for a snack and had a fleeting glimpse of a Stoat on the hunt.
Moved up through the Coastal fields to see if there were any migrants about but nothing doing , did see a Arctic Skua (94) though in the distance twords the Cull harrasing a mixed gull group so all in all not a bad couple of hours. , will be back later in the month for a Mig hunt.
Currently on 94 spp or 120 pts and 58.82 %  Tom.

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