Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Previously on the west wing

March was a slow and cold affair in Kerry. Things have begun to shift a little recently and it was beautiful last weekend while out preparing for a new Countryside Bird Survey square that I am taking on. A few chiffers were chiffchaffing and a turtle dove crossed my path later in the afternoon (not even near the patch unfortunately). 

The longer days and the hint of warmer times has helped with the motivation to get out a bit over the last week or two. I've been down at the wetland centre a little bit "working" on the gulls (gawking hopelessly but enjoying the racket) . An adult yellow legged gull that has been reported numerous times has been consistently eluding me. 

On Saturday a brief walk west along the edge of estuary from Blennerville was enjoyable despite only adding a skylark to the patch year-list. The usual crew were knocking around: c45 teal, 36 shelduck, c250 brent, 150 bar tailed godwit and around 200 black-tailed godwit, as well as knot, dunlin, curlew, redshank, greenshank, oystercatcher, mallard, snipe, golden plover, grey plover and so on...nothing new but nice all the same. Lapwing are all gone. A peregrine put on a wonderful show - coming in quite close and soaring high before dropping like bomb. Missed this time. 

Afterward I had another go at the gulls. Still no michahellis for me though. Dang. A wander down a lane way with some mature gardens and a little woodland produced a few sitters that I'd been missing, including a fine pair of bullfinch (destroying someone's Prunus), coal tit, house sparrow, long-tailed tit, mistle thrush, greenfinch and lesser redpoll. Nicely. 

A field of thistles...

Looking forward to the weekend with the promise of new arrivals.


oh...70 sp, 80 points and 57.85%


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