Monday, 29 July 2013

A Mega Weekend...Just to the east there..

This weekend, I managed to add 5 year ticks to the list. Common sandpiper, which was long overdue.
Sooty Shearwater, which I cannot believe almost went all of July without falling.

On Sunday I even managed the last 2 skuas, Pomarine and Long Tailed (valuable points there).

Amazingly, a full fat patch tick was also found, A Treecreeper at the gate over looking the lake. Truly not a bad weekend on patch. An adult Yellow Legged Gull was the best of the rest.

However ALL of this was overshadowed by the finding of Ireland's first Mongolian Plover by the legendary Denis O'Sullivan, at Pilmore.

What an incredible find and an amazing looking bird. I spent a fair bit of time with this gem over the past 2 days, the only sandplovers I have seen being (mostly) grotty first summers of the various species in Oman several years ago, in horrible heat haze. So a perfect bird in nice light like this was much appreciated.

Congrats to Denis on his 5th first for Ireland.

Species 139
Score: 201
Comparative score: 85.29%

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