Monday, 29 July 2013

Clouded Judgement - Visit 18

I don't know if it was the promise of some passage wader action, a decent seawatch or an urge to check all pine trees on the patch for Crossbills; but I was out on Rathlin again on 27 July.  However, given the view of the patch from the ferry, I needn't have bothered...
The patch is in there somewhere!
Visibility on the patch was very poor for much of the day, but was just about good enough to tally 16 Dunlin, 10 Ringed Plover, 1 Curlew and a Redshank in Mill Bay.  Surprisingly, no waders at all were noted at Ushet Lough.  
From Ushet Port an hours seawatch through the gloom was promising - 29 Puffin, 900 Large Auk, 3 Curlew, 7 Dunlin, 1 Teal and a good few Manxies, Fulmars, Kittiwakes and Gannets. But was cut short by the return of the sea-mist.
The sun did appear around Church Bay for a time in the afternoon and plenty of Butterflies (including 3 Red Admirals) and Dragonflies burst into life.  So I shall leave you with a few insect images from the day.  There's always something to see on Rathlin...

Common Darter
The fungus gnat Sciara hemerobioides apparently!

Cinnabar moth caterpillars on ragwort


A Ferntastic day was had by all...

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