Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Swift Update - Visit 17

On 5 July, I carried out my third and final Twite survey of the southern half of the patch. I drew a blank on Twite but did manage to see my first patch year tick since late May!  On the breeding bird front, it was nice to see a few pairs of Linnets feeding young and I also interrupted a rather agitated pair of Lesser Redpolls, which I’m not sure have been confirmed breeding on the island as yet.  A few lemon yellow Willow Warblers have also fledged as had a juvenile Ringed Plover in Mill Bay.

After I finished my Twite work, I went to have a look at what birds were using the recently planted ‘Corncrake corridors’ – 12 species in all, including lots of juvenile House Sparrows.  As I climbed over the gate at the ‘walled garden’ behind Church Bay, I heard the scream of Swifts (110) as they bombed by overhead.  As I looked up, two birds were seen heading off towards the East Light.

The number and variety of returning waders is slowly increasing.  The Ushet Lough area held 18 Curlew, 3 Redshank and a Greenshank.  Unfortunately, it looks like the patch Lapwing have had a poor year, as just two pairs have managed to fledge a single juvenile each.

Time now to take a few weeks off and keep an eye on the weather forecast for some suitable seawatching weather.

Score 110 species, 136 points or 107.9%
Juvenile Wrens


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