Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A week of two halves

Seems we got the works in terms of weather this week with heavy rain originally; from reading this blog it appears
that floods in fields are known as flashes. Interestingly farmers confronted with a crop under six inches of 
water also have a word beginning with 'f ' to describe the situation, several in fact. Anyway the floods brought in a few Common Gulls briefly which was the first new species in nearly a week.

A soft day

Then the frost came. We avoided the snow but the coldest nights of the winter prompted a little movement,
the best of which was a small flock of lapwing. These seem to be scarce this winter, I'm not seeing them in
large numbers anywhere. Other than that it was all very much the same old stuff with no great increase in 
Thrushes or finches, and the wintering Chiffchaffs still present. Roll on the spring.

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