Sunday, 20 January 2013


In order not to be accused of being a lazy arse in the January footit challenge I took some more steps away from the patio this morning. Didn't get a whole lot on the trudge to Shite Lane but, once at the top of the hill I figured another trip into Dirk might be the most productive. I was very surprised to hear a coal tit calling from some heebies at the top of Dirk - never seen them here in January, indeed I think October is the only month I've had them, and even then, they are far from annual. I think I've had more records of yellow-browed warbler than coal tit, (certainly before last Autumn's record haul of coal tits, where birds were present for several weeks in Dirk).

That was my lot though for the walk, despite wandering for a further hour and a half. However, I wasn't done for the day, as the patio had still not been checked! Once home, I scoured the lake and sea with the scope, picking up the green-winged teal again (past glories now though!). With nothing much doing, I left the scope set up so I could peruse some more in passing throughout the day.

With the kids embroiled in lunch, I ducked outside again and was just scanning the reedy channel between the lake and the road when I noticed a kingfisher! It was sitting in the open, in a patch of sunshine - fantastic! Kingfisher is another species that can be hard at Galley, and I probably average one every two years. To get one out of the way so early in the year is another big bonus!

Gutted that both only worth single points on the scoreboard though! Swizz! Total now 73 species or 91 points.


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