Saturday, 12 January 2013

Early morning at Kilmore

Early start this morning, made a brief visit to Tac on the way. Cranes are still knocking around, and a nice female Hen Harrier made an appearance. Was hoping to see the Bearded Reedlings at Lingstown but no joy.

Lots of Gulls knocking around the Pier at Kilmore but nothing too exciting, so set off around the coastal fields to pick up a few i missed so far. Still no Goldfinches, would usually be one of the 1st on my list, but picked up Skylark and Coal tit.

Brent Geese

Moved down to the beach ( Avoiding a couple of hundred starlings with dodgy bowels ) and came across a small group of Brent geese and a solitary Greenshank. Further up saw a very confused looking 1st winter Kittiwake. A couple of flyover Stock doves (always a tricky one ) and a few Knot.


Very few Divers around today, but did get a small group of distant Common Scoter and a few Gannets milling around.


Not a bad day overall up to 71spp/81pts and 38.7%

Tom 12/01/13.

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