Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cold and wet.

Kilmichael - Kilpatrick - Kilgorman

They must have been a shockin' holy bunch around these parts with all these churches so close together and I think I might have to say a few prayers myself to get a decent patch list.

I managed to get in a few hours patching last Friday and at the weekend, the first time this year I've actually gone out birding.  Like Niall, went seawatching on Friday and saw the sea.  Not a bird in sight!  When my fingers started going numb I reckoned it was time to go home.

Saturday dawned bright and dry and I thought I'd put in a few hours tramping before the rain that was forecast for the afternoon.  Ten minutes after I set out it started raining and just got heavier and heavier.  Still, I managed to get 40 species, which I felt was respectable.  Nothing out of the ordinary at all and still missing a number of 'dead cert' species.

A few hours on Sunday brought the species total to 46 including the first Redwings and Fieldfares of the winter.  I know - I really must get out more!  With a week still to go this month, there must be a good chance of getting past the 50 mark.  Still missing the 'resident' flock of Turnstones as well as Pheasant, Snipe, Rock Pipit, Greenfinch, Linnet, Goldfinch and Reed Bunting.  Might pick up a Gannet or Fulmar as well.  After that, I might as well put my feet up and wait for Spring!

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